Me Vs. Myself

by J Apostle

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released November 10, 2011



all rights reserved


J Apostle Tampa, Florida

Born 3/28/1986 J apostle was raised in Tampa, Fl by his cuban aunt when his father realized he couldnt take care of him on his own, due to his wife being terminally ill. J apostle had an encounter with God in the summer of 2001 that he would never forget. That summer he committed his life to the things of the lord and soon found that he had the gift of rapping/freestyling. ... more

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Track Name: FEAR
Verse 1
I’m afraid of being left alone in the dark when no one’s around /
Spiders and grasshoppers things that crawl on the ground/
Of not being good enough and then being let down/
Not fitting in whenever new people are around/
Getting taken advantage of because I’m too nice/
Becoming someone I’m not instead of living real life/
Experiencing more and more and more death/
Getting a credit card and being stuck in my debt/
Of not amounting to anything letting my pops down/
Putting a gun in my hand to see how the pop sounds/
The actual thought of own death itself /
Putting too much trust in my own material wealth/
Demonic possession involving lots of oppression/
Suicidal suggestions becoming slightly suggestive/
Being pulled over due to no license plate/
I’m afraid simply because my whole life’s at stake/

Verse 2
I’m afraid of the power of politicians/
going up against a shower of opposition and creating this demolition/
What Im listing is the emission of jurisdiction/
telling myself shut up and listen so that I can be efficient /
Parents now a days have got it wrong it seems we don’t get along/
so for them it’s better to move it on/
It’s frightening how a child’s future brightening/
is not enlightening and gets replaced with teeth whitening/
Abortion is the norm divorce before your born/
Being forced into the storm the worlds addicted to porn/
Murder hate kill lies in lust in food we trust/
But what happens when they super size us/
Who decides what when it comes to defining us/
How can we find trust when Im scared to just ride the bus/
I didn’t mean to give the world the cold shoulder/
But right now my greatest fear is getting older older/

Verse 3
My deepest fear is you lord so I fall to my face/
I was a victim of your wrath til I discovered your grace/
Stuck in the pattern of adam which was a chasm of fathom/
it gradually happened when you caused the righteous reaction/
Help me to put my pride down because it tends to weigh on me/
When it comes to looking at girls, God I’m still stumbling/
Even when I fall your there it’s so humbling/
Please let me be prepared for your second coming/
Im afraid that my friends won’t make it to heaven’s gate/
I hesitate the breath it takes to make you resonate/
I wanna demonstrate your true love not imitate/
I appreciate the way that your power vindicates/
So put the oil in my lamp stand so I can push on/
Use my life as a grandstand that your displayed on/
You’re the fuel to my fire thanks for keeping me on/
So you can watch as my light shines from night until dawn/

That I wont make it to the end and I will be forever stuck into my sin
That I will listen to my peers Lord give them ears to hear
That It wont be you that I run to cause my heart will be far from you
That they will ignore this, not seeing the force is a fortress